Introduction to the Developer to Architect series

Photo by Jordan Opel on Unsplash

Introduction to the Developer to Architect series

This five-part article series walks you through everything that you need to know to successfully transition from a developer to an architect.

Part 1: The Basics and Beyond

Change your mindset

Think big

Resist the urge to start coding

Type of Architects

Part 2: The Functional Skills

Why functional skills?

Understand Business Domain

Manage stakeholder expectations

Understand SLAs and ROIs

Part 3: The Technical Skills

Acquire technical breadth

Decide if you want to be hands-on

Learn architecture strategies, methods, frameworks, and patterns

Consider the advantages and pitfalls of technical debt

Understand architecture tradeoffs

Part 4: The People Skills

Communicate your architecture effectively

Customize your Architecture views for your audience

Listen and collaborate

Learn negotiating skills

Part 5: The Social Skills

Contribute to open-source projects

Maintain a social media presence

Mentor and coach junior technologists

Write books and blogs

Create training courses